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Mortgage Modifications

Are you a homeowner who is having trouble making your mortgage payments, but you are not in foreclosure? Is foreclosure something you see in your near future? You are not alone — many people in this situation are struggling and looking for answers.

If you have been trying to stay out of foreclosure by working with banks and lenders, but are not finding solutions, it may be time to talk with an attorney with knowledge and experience in mortgage modification issues. Unfortunately, there are many problems with these programs and some companies are just plain scams.

At the law firm of Daniel W. Uhlfelder, P.A., our Santa Rosa Beach mortgage modification attorneys will work with you to help you find a solution that best meets your situation. Our Florida law firm will help you navigate the complex loan modification process and help you avoid foreclosure.

Working With An Experienced Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

If you have been wading through the paperwork required to benefit from the federal Making Home Affordable program, but are having problems with your bank, lender or mortgaging serving company, it may be time to talk with an attorney and explore your legal options.

No matter what stage you are at in the mortgage modification process, it is important to keep good records. We recommend that you keep a separate journal or log of all the conversations that you have with your bank, lender or servicing company. In your log, record the following information:

  • Basic information: date, time and telephone number you called
  • The name or names of whom you talked with
  • Detailed notes from the conversation

When you send information to your bank or lender, you should also keep good records of your correspondence. Make sure you keep copies of the documents and also send the information using a method that will give you proof that you mailed the parcel and proof that it was received by the lender. In the event the mortgage modification process does not work and you are faced with defending a foreclosure lawsuit, these types of detailed records can be invaluable.

Working with our firm early in the process can ensure that you are represented at each step in this process. We can help you gather all the relevant information and negotiate with your lender. If the situation cannot be resolved, our firm’s wide range of experience in real estate and bankruptcy matters will give you confidence that we can help you find a creative way to meet your goals.

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Dealing with mortgage companies is never easy, and the issues seem to multiply when you are having problems making payments. We have the experience to help you. Contact our attorney today or call 850-909-2225 to schedule a free initial consultation. Together we can help you get a fresh start and understand what options can improve your situation.

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