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Understanding Simplified Divorce In Florida

Sometimes, you and your spouse want to put your marriage behind you. You have considered all of your options and have come up with a plan that both of you find acceptable, and you just need an experienced lawyer to help you get your plan signed off by the courts.

What Is Simplified Divorce And How Does It Work?

In Florida, there is a process called simplified divorce. Simplified divorce is available to couples who are married without children, or not currently expecting a child. The couple is able to decide what should happen to certain property, and then write the agreement out. There is no spousal support awarded in a simplified divorce.

If one of the spouses has lived in Florida for 60 days, he or she can then begin the simplified divorce proceedings. They need to visit the clerk of courts to get the necessary forms and fill them out. You can ask the clerk questions, but the clerk cannot give you legal advice.

While simplified divorce is designed to proceed without the assistance of an experienced attorney, you should not make any decisions about your future until you have a clear understanding of your rights. The moment you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you become adversarial parties. What may be good for your spouse could cause you long-term financial harm.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you analyze your specific situation to ensure the decisions you are making are not putting you in a difficult position. When we here at the law firm of Daniel W. Uhlfelder, P.A., handle a simplified divorce case, it is our goal to make sure that you have a complete, thorough and enforceable divorce agreement in place. We do not want you to be surprised by things that you may have overlooked during the process.

Learn More About The Process

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