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When married couples file for divorce, depending on certain factors, the court may order the “noncustodial” parent to pay for child support. The noncustodial parent is the parent with whom the child does not live with and depending on his or her income the amount of child support may vary. If you are filing for divorce and want to make sure your children are properly provided for in the future, it may help to seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

At the law offices of Daniel W. Uhlfelder, P.A., in Santa Rosa Beach, we help clients face various complex issues when going through divorce, such as child support. When you retain our services, you will receive genuine, personal attention every step of the way. Knowing what unique concerns are complicating your situation is how we can determine what options will suit you best.

What Factors Determine The Amount Of Child Support You Receive?

There are certain guidelines and regulations that determine the amount of child support you are rewarded in Florida. Based on formulas, child support considers the income of both parties, the number of children and several other factors.

Each party has the right to contest the amount of support these formulas calculate due to certain circumstances. Being experienced litigators and skillful negotiators, attorneys Daniel W. Uhlfelder and J. Seth Galloway will work with you and your family to determine what avenues to pursue that strive to achieve your goals.

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