Marlette: Meet the Florida man who triggers Mike Huckabee. Roughly a dozen yards from the gentle, January rolls of the Gulf of Mexico on a recent Monday morning, with sun-shimmering waters properly living up to destination marketing promises of the “Emerald Coast,” Walton County attorney Daniel Uhlfelder might have been trespassing on Florida beaches that Mike Huckabee claims for his own.
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Guest Column: People who support open beaches are not ‘ists.’ The small group of Walton County beachfront owners and lawyers driving hard for private beaches have taken to the name game to describe those of us who support open and public use of all of our beaches. We have been called socialists, agitators, communists, activists and other names I won’t mention here. They have also attempted to minimize overwhelming public sentiment on the matter of public beaches by directly targeting myself and attorney Daniel Uhlfelder as the “agitators.” A ridiculous notion, as though we are the only ones who want our beaches to be public.

‘Brilliant and fierce’: Friends, admirers remember the life of Sandy D’Alemberte. Daniel Uhlfelder, Santa Rosa Beach real estate attorney and son of Steven Uhlfelder, chair of the former Board of Regents and D’Alemberte’s friend: “He was the best and touched my life to this day … In 1989, when I was in high school, Sandy was dean of FSU’s law school and Bill Clinton gave the commencement address. My dad, Sandy, Clinton and I had dinner (I was only 16), and afterwards, Clinton said he wanted to go out and see the town, so my dad and I took him around. Lo and behold, we went to Andrew’s and Clinton played saxophone (I went home because I had school the next day). Sandy was always exposing my family and me to interesting and influential people even when I was just a kid. I still communicated with him regularly. Just a few months ago we were discussing the beach access law that we are dealing with over here, sharing ideas and thoughts. He always took my calls and emails offering me advice or counsel when I knew he was the only lawyer who could answer my questions.”
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Special Report: Union Men, Part 2. Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, attorney Daniel W. Uhlfelder represented a number of clients who sued after their investments in Redfish Village collapsed during the recession.
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It’s Not Augusta National. Daniel Uhlfelder and Dave Rauschkolb have been fighting the privatization of the beaches for years. A lawyer and a restaurant owner, they both know the value of the beaches to the local economy. They know what’s right and they have lots of supporters.
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Simmering hostilities greet tourists in South Walton Walton County’s lines in the sand – The legal fight over beach property. Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder is a proponent of customary use and the attorney representing the group who wants to intervene on the county’s side of the issue. When discussing compromise, Mr. Uhlfelder is quoted: “What is a compromise? I don’t even know what that means,” said Daniel Uhlfelder, a customary use proponent and the attorney who represents the group that wants to intervene on the side of the county. “For hundreds of years people have used the beaches, and now they’re trying to say we can’t. The compromise is just letting people use the beach.”
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New Motions Filed – Customary Use Battle Leaves the Sand and Enters the Courtroom. Daniel Uhlfelder, founder of Daniel W. Uhlfelder , P.A. is representing Florida Beaches for All, a group established for the specific purpose of preserving customary use.
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Fearing for the Future Santa Rosa Beach Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder was hired by The Florida Beaches For All group to help navigate the process of legally making Florida beaches a public domain.
Source: The Walton Sun

First court hearing held on county’s filing to affirm customary use of the beach Attorney Uhlfelder has filed a motion to intervene on behalf of property owners regarding customary recreational use of Walton County beaches.
Source: The DeFuniak Herald

Citizens rising up against the Florida Legislature, Gov. Rick Scott, and private property zealots Uhlfelder and one of the deputies walked towards the Gulf and drew a line. The “public” area they identify is in the wet sand along the wave break line – pretty much in the Gulf.
Source: Florida Phoenix

Mike Huckabee’s role in pushing controversial beach access law Santa Rosa Beach attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, a leader of Florida Beaches for All, a local group that wants to preserve beach use, said Huckabee’s view is wrong. “It’s not a private property rights issue,” Uhlfelder said. “It’s about the use of beaches.”
Source: Tampa Bay Times

Private Beaches In Florida Spark Battle With Residents And County Uhlfelder and other beach access activists are determined to challenge the new law. Up to now, their fight has been largely focused in Santa Rosa Beach at an upscale development called Vizcaya, where large houses overlooking the beach rent for thousands of dollars a week.
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Customary Use Public Meeting Delayed Until November “This was the meeting to consider the customary use ordinance for Walton County,” said Daniel Uhlfelder, Florida Beaches For All attorney.

New nonprofit organization focuses on customary use of the beach Attorney Uhlfelder spoke about the Blessey v. Walton County lawsuit, which was filed in June by a Walton County beachfront property owner who is seeking to have the doctrine of customary use deemed unconstitutional.
Source: The DeFuniak Heral

New Florida Law Makes Some Beaches Off-Limits To Public, Sparking Standoff In Florida, a new law has stirred up a battle over one of the state’s most precious resources: its beaches.

Walton County to Hold Public Hearing on Customary Use It’s the belief that beaches have been public property as long as humans have used them, which is why counties across Florida have passed customary use ordinances allowing access to both public access points and in front of beachfront homes.

Give Florida back its open beaches “Sun, sand and surf” used to be synonymous with life in the Sunshine State for tourists and residents alike. These days, it would be more accurate to say, “sun, some sand, and surf.”
Source: Tallahassee Democrat

Sen. Nelson blasts Florida Gov. Scott on new beach use law Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson stood in front of a “No Trespassing” sign Friday and criticized Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill that voided a Panhandle county’s ordinance that allowed the public to use otherwise privately owned beaches.
Source: The Washington Post

Nelson visits South Walton, calls for repeal of HB 631 Strategically stationed in front of a no trespassing sign warning people away from the Vizcaya community’s private beach, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on Friday called for Gov. Rick Scott to convene a special session to immediately repeal HB 631.

Grumpy rich people to public: Get off my lawn – er, public beach! Maybe we’ve all been taking our right to stroll unfettered along Florida’s beaches for granted. Because it looks like a flap that exploded last week over public beach access way up in the Panhandle’s Walton County may be a test case for a land grab by wealthy waterfront residents to shut out the rest of us.
Source: Florida Phoenix

Locals Protest Gov. Rick Scott’s Beach Access Law Walton County is at the center of the public beach access debate in Florida. Locals gathered at Santa Rosa beach in support of the customary-use ordinance that was established in the county in 2016.
Source: My Panhandle

Brad Drake town hall meeting focuses on customary use, HB 631 State Representative Brad Drake (R-Eucheeanna) sorted out the good, the bad, and the “dirty” about HB 631 at his July 17 town hall meeting at South Walton High School, also taking input from attendees, who numbered approximately 350.
Source: The DeFuniak Herald

Deputies tell man to leave portion of public beach for trespassing following new beach law A Walton County man tells ABC Action News, a private property owner called deputies on him two days in a row for sitting on a stretch of sand outside Vizcaya Dune Allen, a gated community on Santa Rosa Beach.
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Videos highlight confusion, and one man’s fight, regarding Florida’s beach access law A weekend on the beach for one lawyer included lessons on wet sand versus dry sand, drawing lines in the sand and two separate encounters from Walton County deputies – all over the state’s new beach access law.
Source: WTSP

Line in The Sand: Shocking Video Shows Beach Trespassing! Rick Scott’s “Wet Sand Law” is so ridiculous that even he recommends that people ignore it, but as a colleague recently found out, not everyone is so willing to abandon this ill-conceived legislation.
Source: Weidner Law

Duo tests limits of beach access in Walton County Last week, an executive order from the governor urged state agencies and local governments to encourage beach access for the public. However, this weekend authorities were called when two beachgoers set up near a gated community in Walton County.
Source: WEAR TV

South Walton County resident Daniel Uhlfelder talks South Walton County resident Daniel Uhlfelder talks with Walton County Sheriff’s deputies about where exactly is the line between public and private beach near the Vizcaya neighborhood in Dune Allen.
Source: Northwest Florida Daily News

Two threatened with arrest after trespassing on Vizcaya Beach Daniel Uhlfelder and Justin Gaffrey were reportedly threatened with arrest Sunday morning after they were told they were trespassing on Vizcaya Beach.
Source: WJHG

Florida cops struggling to explain Rick Scott’s incredibly vague public beach law Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued an executive order telling authorities not to enforce his own dumb law limiting public beach access, and now, a video shows just how confusing this whole thing really is.
Source: Orlando Weekly

Beaches in Walton County are worthless Before you get upset with us about today’s headline, let us explain.”Worthless” isn’t to discount their beauty, how much people want to use them or how much people pay to live near them.
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Legion apologizes for Nazi-type salutes at Boys Sates ‘Being Jewish is secondary to why I was offended,’ said Daniel Uhlfelder, 16, a student at Leon High School in Tallahassee. ‘The American Legion represents men who fought and men who died in World War II, so I thought it was hyocritical of them to let it go on.’
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High-Impact Lawyers On the surface, Daniel Uhlfelder’s professional life is pretty ordinary. His solo practice in Santa Rosa Beach does lots of general practice work: litigation, estate planning, real estate, family law … ordinary things. But there’s a streak of firebrand in his genes – more on that later – that occasionally leads him to do the extraordinary.
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Capes and Crowns Fun Run and 5k set for Jan. 30 at Baytowne Wharf Capes and Crowns is proudly presented by The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School and sponsored by The Village of Baytowne Wharf, John Lee Nissan Mazda, C.W. Roberts Contracting and Daniel Uhlfelder Attorney at Law, Foundations Medical Center, Abrakadoodle Art Education and Grayton Beer Company.
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Trendsetters: Today and Beyond High-impact leaders who are making a difference in Florida and beyond — but whose biggest contributions may be yet to come. The governors also make their picks.
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Featured Profile: Daniel W. Uhlfelder, P.A. “The practice of law requires attention to detail, determination, patience and good listening skills. My firm’s goal is to provide our clients with all the legal services they need to address their problems, whatever they may entail. I enjoy the challenges involved in taking on complex cases, which other attorneys may shy away from. The bigger the challenge, or the bigger the opponent, the better has often been my philosophy.”
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Most Influential in Politics Steve Uhlfelder is identified as one of the Most Influential in Politics.
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County Removes Confederate Flag, Replaces It With Another Confederate Flag In the wake of the reignited controversy over the Confederate battle flag, Walton County, Florida, voted Tuesday to remove the flag from the county courthouse grounds — only to replace it with a different Confederate flag.
“It’s perplexing how this is perceived as any compromise,” Daniel Uhlfelder, a key force in the local movement to have the flag taken down, told The Huffington Post.
Source: Huffington Post

Confederate flag battle in Panhandle pits North against South “I’m hopeful,” says Daniel Uhlfelder, a 42-year-old lawyer, a 14-year resident and leader of the flag opponents who launched an online petition to have the flag removed. “It’s a divisive symbol that doesn’t belong on the courthouse grounds. It was immediately offensive to me. We’re the last courthouse in Florida that has a flag on the grounds.”
Source: Tampa Bay Times

Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and division We are not demanding removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Walton County courthouse with any political agenda, for the sake of political correctness, to destroy Southern history or to prevent anyone from flying the flag on private property. My wife and I are compelled to because of our own history. My grandfather was one of the few Jews who escaped Nazi Germany before the Holocaust and it would be against every grain of my body to sit on the sidelines on this issue.
Source:Northwest Florida Daily News

Walton County leaves Confederate flag flying — for now After a heated public hearing, the Walton County Commission on Tuesday voted to postpone for two weeks a vote on whether to take down the Confederate flag at the county courthouse in DeFuniak Springs.

Backroom Briefing: Confederate Flag Renews Old Hope Uhlfelder, who lives in Santa Rosa Beach, has renewed his attempt to purge the county courthouse of the flag. Uhlfelder, with the help of his wife Michelle, got the item on the Walton County Commission’s July 14 meeting agenda.
Source: Sunshine State News

Residents look to remove Confederate flag from Walton Co. Courthouse lawn Today, the country laid to rest the Reverend Clementae’ Pinckney, a victim of the Charleston church shooting. The death of those nine people inside a church has ignited the debate over a symbol the shooter has been associated with — the Confederate Flag. As multiple states have chosen to remove the it from government property, the flag still flies in DeFuniak Springs, and some residents are calling for its removal.
“In 2002, when I first saw it, it was difficult,” said Daniel Uhlfelder, an attorney. “You don’t always notice it when you go.”
Source: My Panhandle

Walton County latest battleground over Confederate flag Calling it disrespectful, a group of residents and members of the NAACP have started a petition to have the Confederate flag removed from the Walton County Courthouse in DeFuniak Springs, according to a report by WJHG-TV.
Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder told WJHG that “seeing the flag is not something that makes people comfortable.”
Source: Palm Beach Post

Walton County Residents Petition to Remove Confederate Battle Flag Today, the country laid to rest the Reverend Clementae’ Pinckney, a victim of the Charleston church shooting. The death of those nine people inside a church has ignited the debate over a symbol the shooter has been associated with — the Confederate Flag. As multiple states have chosen to remove the it from government property, the flag still flies in DeFuniak Springs, and some residents are calling for its removal.
Source: My Panhandle

Confederate Flag Flap Renews Old Hope The flap over Confederate flags now sweeping the nation is stirring in the Florida Panhandle, where folks who failed to get the controversial banner removed more than a decade ago have revived their efforts.
Source: CBS Miami

Letter: The Confederate Flag should be removed I love the South. I was raised in the South. I love its barbecue. I love spending Saturdays in the Fall watching as many SEC football games as possible, and I love the new SEC Network. Most of all, I love my wife, who was raised in Germantown and Atlanta and my two children who were born here in the South. I love almost everything it represents and would not live anywhere else in the world, but I do not love it when, in the name of “heritage,” we tie ourselves to a symbol that divides and hurts so many of us.
Source: The Walton Sun

Daniel Uhlfelder is not afraid of a challenge In 2001, Daniel Uhlfelder, P.A., traded his Tallahassee roots and suit and tie for a small beach town and flip-flops. Settling down on Scenic Road 30A, Uhlfelder started his own law firm – and shortly after, his own family – and settled into life on the laid-back Emerald Coast.
Source: The Walton Sun

Published on October 1st, 2012 in the 850 Business Magazine – Can you go it alone, or is it time to call a professional? Sooner or later, it’s going to happen to everyone. So experts and small business owners alike agree: Form a relationship with a business attorney before you need one.

Published on October 15, 2010 in The Florida Bar News – Sloppy paperwork exacerbates the foreclosure crisis – As Florida courts use a special state appropriation to attack a backlog of foreclosure cases, a major company has at least temporarily halted foreclosures after admitting it took shortcuts in preparing the necessary paperwork.

Published June 9, 2010 in the Orlando Sentinel – Gulf oil spill task force and BP make strange bedfellows – A panel of lawmakers, business owners, and bureaucrats appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to review the economic fallout from the Gulf oil spill flirted briefly Wednesday with the idea of litigation.

Published May 10, 2010 in the Pensacola News Journal – Oil Leak is 5 Times Greater Than Reported by Officials – The amount of oil gushing from BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is five times more than what the oil company and the U.S. Coast Guard are currently estimating.

Published May 9, 2010 in the Pensacola News Journal – Experts Field Concerns at Pensacola Beach Forum – About 100 people gathered at Pensacola Beach on Saturday to hear a panel discuss the science of the Gulf oil spill and its potential effects on the Pensacola area.

Public Forum: Preparation for the Black Tide. The Science of an Oil Spill and Disaster Preparedness. This Saturday, May 8th, at 2:00pm, a panel of leading scientists, experts, and professionals will make themselves available to answer questions from the public about the short and long term impact of the BP oil spill on the ecology of the Gulf Coast and public health, and how best to protect yourself and your family. Hilton Garden Inn on Pensacola Beach – Saturday, May 8th – 2:00PM – White Sands Room

Published May 4, 2010 in the Tallahassee Democrat – Florida May Never Be The Same – Walton County, Florida prepares for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill to strike the coastline.

Published 9/1/2008 in Florida Trend: Daniel Uhlfelder was featured in Trendsetters: Today and Beyond – High-impact leaders who are making a difference in Florida and beyond.

AIA Contracts – July 15, 2008 (PDF):
This seminar is designed for attorneys, presidents, vice presidents, owners, project managers, architects, engineers, controllers, accountants and contractors.

August 21, 2007 – Daniel W. Uhlfelder presented at a seminar on Important Topics In Florida Real Estate Development, which included information on Development – Florida Style; Due Diligence; Concurrency; Permitting; Review of Governmental Oversight of HOAs and Condominiums: Regulation by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation; and Real Estate Contract Litigation.

For Immediate Press Release – August 18, 2006: Governor Bush Appoints Twenty-Five to the Newly Created Committee for a Sustainable Emerald Coast

Civil Rights Lawyer wins “Foot Soldier in the Sand” Award: Civil rights lawyer Daniel W. Uhlfelder, of Daniel W. Uhlfelder, P.A. in Santa Rosa Beach, has received the NAACPs Foot Soldier in the Sand Award for his work in a number of discrimination cases and on behalf of the NAACP.
Source : Florida Trend

Business owners say ‘homegrown’ company is bound for success: Jack Abbit and Daniel Uhlfelder believe the “homegrown” approach they are taking with their new business, Attorney Preferred Title, will offer an unparalleled sense of community loyalty to their clients.
Source : The Walton Sun

NAACP recognizes legal ‘foot soldier’: Santa Rosa Beach attorney Daniel Uhlfelder honored at organization’s national convention.
Source : Northwest Florida Daily News

The Republicrat: Steve Uhlfelder is a close friend of Gov. Jeb Bush – and of one of his opponents. What’s a power broker to do?
Source : St. Petersburg Times

Student in fear of labor recruiter: At least one Russian student is spending the holidays in fear of the labor recruiter who brought him to the United States.
Source : First Coast News