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Business Owners Say Homegrown Company Is Bound For Success



Jack Abbit and Daniel Uhlfelder believe the “homegrown” approach they are taking with their new business, Attorney Preferred Title, will offer an unparalleled sense of community loyalty to their clients.

In an interview Sep. 30, Abbit said that what will differentiate the business from other title companies in the area is the vested interest the pair has in Walton County.

“Being invested in the community means you understand the community”.
“Dan’s (Uhlfelder) interest and commitment to humanitarian and ethical issues and my work in the community through organizations like the Cultural Arts Association are just a few of our key contributions”, Abbit said.

“I can see the demand for a local homegrown title company and we have ties in the community and we are here to stay”, Uhlfelder said.

The company will be made up of Uhlfelder, a Santa Rosa Beach Attorney, Abbit, a retired Boeing executive, Matt Mathews, a Tallahassee attorney and Sharon Robertson, who said she has 24 years of experience in the title business.

Uhlfelder and Abbit believe that with two attorneys on board, coupled with Abbit’s experience in contract negotiations and Robertson’s experience with title companies, they will be able to handle any issue in representing their clients to the county.

They will also be able to “provide legal services associated with the county’s permitting processes”, Abbit said.

“A Realtor’s livelihood is often based on their ability to use their time effectively. When we say we’ll get things done, they’ll get done”, Abbit said.

But most importantly, they said, is their knowledge of community desires and local practices and procedures.

The company will operate on County Road 30A out of Uhlfelder’s law office until they open a new location in Grayton Beach next year.