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Divorce rate on the decline in America

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News

Each year thousands of Florida residents go through a divorce. Some couples are able to do so in an amicable fashion, working out most of the details of their divorce out-of-court and then submitting an agreement to a family law court for approval. However, others are not so fortunate, and instead go through highly contentious divorce proceedings. Whether easy or hard, the numbers for how many divorces occur in Florida and throughout the country fluctuate each year, but is the overall divorce rate now in decline in America?

According to a recent report, that answer might be “yes.” The report noted a study completed by the University of Maryland, in which the results found that between 2008 to 2016 the divorce rate in America declined by 18 percent. That is enough to catch the eyes of plenty of family law experts, mainly because they want to determine why such a decline is occurring.

In the recent report, at least one expert opined that the reason for the drop in the number of divorces in America is likely due to changing societal and cultural norms. The expert specifically pointed to the “millennial” generation who are, statistically speaking, more likely to wait until they are older to get married, unlike previous generations.

The theory is, in part, that if a person waits until later in life to get married, there is a higher likelihood that such a person will be more financially stable. That, in turn, can help eliminate a source of angst when it comes to married couples: money, or lack thereof. That may make it less likely that the married couple eventually ends up getting divorced.