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What is ahead for Florida’s alimony laws?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Family Law

Alimony laws all over the country are undergoing some changes. Things are no different in Florida with changes in this state’s spousal support laws coming soon. There is a major focus on alimony reform in the 2020 legislative session, according to Florida Politics. The main point of contention is life long payments, which many feel are unfair and unneeded.

They claim that such laws hurt families even though the intention is to help them. They feel that change is the only thing to make the system helpful and fair again.

Of course, the opposition is working hard to keep alimony reform from going through. This side actually has a strong backing because reform efforts have failed to take root previously. The fight for reform has been going on for six years, and so far, the opposition has come out on top every time.

The overall battle between reformers and those who oppose them has been wrought with issues. There has been outright hate on social media. Name-calling has been a common tactic as well. There is no doubt a lot of passion surrounding this debate. Only time will tell if reform will actually happen this time around. Regardless, it is sure to be interesting to see what happens and what valid points each side can bring to the table to argue their views.

In the meantime, alimony laws stay stagnant. Lifetime awards are not going anywhere for some time, even if reformers win because it takes a while to enact new laws and implement new procedures. This information is for education and is not legal advice.