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Understanding Walton County’s development ordinances

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Real Estate Law

The land in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and the surrounding area is attractive for real estate developers. The location of parks and nearby recreational activities makes it essential for advanced development planning, ensuring it remains beneficial for everyone. We often assist property investors, and developers obtain construction permits and matters related to land use and zoning.

According to Walton County, the comprehensive plan covers various goals, from transportation and housing to infrastructure and coastal management.

Zoning and land-use regulations

Adherence to the regulations ensures that development and redevelopment occur in a manner that maintains Walton County’s unique character. Restrictions and ordinances to which you must comply include the following:


       Street setback requirements

       Utility placement rules


       Maximum non-residential density and intensity

Walton County has four districts, each with its own requirements. The location and placement of the parcel you wish developed determines which rules you must follow. Several layers of coding may indicate density, building size and use. If your plans deviate from the district regulations, you must obtain a variance or challenge the rules.

Recreation and open space

Recreational areas are critical for residents and visitors alike. Green spaces for community parks and the area’s rare natural resources attract new residents and eco-tourists from around the world. If you have development plans that include residential or mixed-use with a residential component, you must dedicate a particular percentage of the area for public recreation purposes. Ordinances dictate the size and location within the parcel that these spaces exist.

Border disputes, easement issues and breach of development agreements can sideline your project. It is critical that you understand the district requirements and plan appropriately.