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3 reasons to request child-related post-divorce modifications

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Family Law

After your divorce ends, you probably feel confident that your child-related court orders will meet your needs in the future. In most cases, this is so, but everyone’s needs evolve over time, especially as it relates to child support matters.

Florida law permits parents to ask for changes to their child support orders. Courts allow this because they know that a person’s financial situation can fluctuate. Modifying a child support order allows either parent to address money issues before they cause undue hardships.

Substantial changes in circumstances

Before the court modifies a child support order, you must show you have experienced substantial (and ongoing) changes in your circumstances. The section below describes several situations that may lead to a successful modification.

  • Changes in income. If either parent experiences a significant change in income, such as losing a job or getting laid off, the court may approve a request. It may also approve a petition to increase child support if the custodial parent acquires a substantial income increase.
  • Changes in expenses. If it becomes more or less expensive to care for the child, either parent may petition for a support modification. For example, as children grow older, they may no longer need childcare services, leading to fewer expenses.
  • Changes in parenting time. If the schedule outlined in your parenting plan no longer works, your child may begin spending more time with one parent. When this happens, you may file a child support modification petition to rebalance parental expenses (based on actual parenting time).

If you are interested in changing your child-related orders, consider learning more about Florida child support laws.