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What to do when the person you are divorcing makes outrageous demands

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Family Law

Divorces are always stressful and upsetting. Most often, they take a major toll, both on your pocketbook as well as your mental wellbeing. Some cases are more distressing than others. These are usually dissolutions that involve high assets.

If the person you are leaving wants to make trouble, wild demands will be on the table. When this happens, it complicates the divorce process to a severe degree.

Examples of extreme divorce terms

Some divorce demands fall into a legal grey zone. For example, divorcing individuals may demand that their soon-to-be-exes never slander them. The definition of slander is up for debate.

Those with professional nicknames may want to have exclusive use of these monikers. A divorce decree could include the provision that only one spouse may profit off them.

Even crazier, it is not unheard of for one divorcing party to demand the return of an organ transplant.

Dealing with extreme divorce terms

Situations such as these are uncommon. Still, when complex issues become part of your divorce, seek professional guidance.

Besides the legal dimension, there is the emotional fallout. You can work through your feelings by writing them down. Another tactic is going to a smash room. This trendy activity is a healthy way of externalizing rage and frustration.

Try talking out your problems. Discuss your situation with a friend or family member who is sympathetic. This usually gives the speaker some worthwhile perspective. Another option is seeing a therapist. That is an excellent way of exorcising emotional demons.

High-powered divorces sometimes involve complex matters. As upsetting as these demands are, help is available, both legally and personally.