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Who can seek a construction lien in Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Real Estate Law

Construction projects are often major investments that cost thousands of dollars or possibly much more. Sometimes, they need to happen at financially inconvenient times for the property owner. Often, the people investing in the project do not pay for everything before the work begins.

Instead, they make the deposit and then pay the balance either upon the completion of the work or in installments according to their contract with the company or contractor involved. The problem with this approach is that sometimes property owners don’t follow through with paying for the work done.

The state protects workers and businesses against this kind of misconduct by allowing them to place a lien against the title of a property. Which professionals can potentially seek a construction lien in Florida?

Construction liens are available to multiple professionals

A construction lien is a blemish on the title for the property. The owner won’t be able to sell, transfer or refinance the property until they pay the lien in full. If the courts see evidence that someone has provided uncompensated labor or materials for work on a specific property, they can grant a lien against the title to help compel the owner to pay.

Contractors and construction companies alike can file construction liens against a property. A company that designs an addition to a house can make a claim, and so can a professional who installs tiles in a bathroom. Even materials suppliers can potentially seek a construction lien in the Florida civil courts. In fact, a property owner could pay a company in full and still face a lien if that business failed to pay its subcontractors. 

Learning about construction liens can help property owners protect their ownership or construction professionals payments for their work or materials.