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What can you do when a contractor uses cut-rate materials?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2022 | Construction Defects

When you hire professionals for new construction or a remodeling project, you probably have a vision of what the finished space should look like. You may want hardwood flooring to replace the worn and dated carpet that currently covers the floor or want to use prestige materials to ensure that when you sell the home later, you can get a premium price for the property.

The materials that you choose will influence how much you eventually pay for the work done on the property. What are your rights when you realize later that the contractor who quoted you a price for real hardwood floors or ceramic tile installed some cheaper alternative instead?

You can potentially take them to court

The more details that you include in your estimate or contract with the construction company, the easier it will be to hold them accountable for using cheaper materials without their permission. You may not have noticed the substitution at first, as the technology for low-cost flooring solutions has improved in recent years.

Laminate and vinyl plank flooring often look and sometimes even feel like real tile or hardwood. However, these alternatives will not hold up to regular use the way that real wood or tile would. More importantly, they will not carry the same degree of prestige for buyers later. That can mean that your construction or remodeling project will not return the financial dividends you expected.

If you file a claim against the company for breaching their contract with you, they may need to compensate you or even redo the work. Learning your rights when you discover an issue with a recent home construction project will help you take the right steps to remedy the problem.