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Signs that a house has foundation issues

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Real Estate Law

You and your family are looking to take the next step in terms of upgrading your home. Your current place just isn’t big enough, so you’re seeing what’s available on the market.

A house has come up. It’s the ideal size and it’s in the perfect location for your children to remain at the same school. You’re very keen to buy it as long as the price is right and the condition of the property is suitable.

Some properties, particularly older ones, have superficial issues that are really not a big deal to fix. However, one thing that you want to be wary of is issues with the foundation of the house. What are the signs of foundation issues and does a seller have to tell you about these?

Cracks in the walls

If you notice cracks in either the interior or exterior walls of the house, then this is something that certainly warrants further investigation, particularly those on the outside. Cracks on the inside could just mean the place needs a bit of decorating. Nonetheless, if cracks are extremely long and zig-zagged in shape, it could be a sign that there are foundation problems with the house.

Floors that give way

A traditional hardwood floor can be extremely beautiful aesthetically, but it should be sturdy when you stand on it. There shouldn’t really be any give. When viewing the property, if you feel like your feet are sinking or the floor is bouncy, then something sinister could be going on underneath with the foundations.

Carrying out thorough inspections before committing to a real estate deal is very important. However, sellers also have a duty to report any issues with the foundations of the house. If you’ve been deceived then it’s important to seek some legal guidance.