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Understanding how zoning laws affect business prospects

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Real Estate Law

There are many reasons why a business looking for a space might consider a property with different zoning than the organization would require to operate there. Perhaps a property has come on the market at an incredible price, or perhaps your business is ready to expand and you would rather buy unimproved land with questionable zoning than look for pre-existing facilities with the zoning you need.

Zoning matters are a crucial consideration for businesses looking to purchase or rent real property. Florida laws limit the use of land and the improvements built upon land depending on the zoning. Local municipalities typically have the authority to determine the zoning for individual properties.

It is possible to appeal the current zoning or secure a variance for a use contrary to the current zoning on a case-by-case basis, but that doesn’t mean your company can take for granted the ability to secure such changes or permissions.

Making zoning changes takes time and can be expensive

Depending on the location of the property, the way the local government operates and the intended use of the property, zoning changes could require well more than a year to obtain and could cost thousands of dollars. There is also no guarantee of success, especially if the change requires community approval.

Many businesses will find that it is ultimately more cost-effective to select a property already zoned for their intended purpose even if the rental price or asking price rental rate or asking price is higher than on a property not zoned in the necessary manner. Zoning is a major consideration for practical purposes as well. Opening a retail shop in an area zoned for industrial operations may not lead to very much foot traffic, for example.

Zoning matters require professional support

From obtaining necessary environmental impact reports to planning a strategy to win over local residents about your business’s planned facilities, there are many stages in zoning procedures that will likely necessitate outside help. Even large companies may require legal assistance and practical support with all of the challenges involved in changing the zoning for a property.

Proper advice could also help a business decide between properties and pursue options that will ultimately lead to more benefits. Giving the most important factors due consideration is crucial for any business owner or executive considering a real estate transaction.