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2 points military parents should remember during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Family Law

Parents who are serving in the United States military often have to put their personal life on hold to take care of their duties. This isn’t an easy life to live, and it sometimes leads to divorce.

When a military member goes through a divorce, there are special considerations if there are children in the picture. Remembering these two important points can help you as you navigate this new chapter in your life:

1: Family care plans are necessary

As a service member, you’re going to have to turn in a family care plan to your commanding officer. This provides them with a plan to follow if something happens to you, such as you becoming incapacitated or having to leave on a sudden deployment. In this document, you will name a guardian for the children. This person should be close by and able to get them quickly. You may name two guardians – a short-term guardian who can watch the children until the long-term guardian can arrive.

2: Virtual visits can help

Being deployed is a way of life for a service member. During these times away from home, virtual visits can help you maintain relationships with your children. The visits must be treated the same as an in-person visit, so you and the child should be able to communicate freely and without interference from the other parent.

The parenting plan you set for the children should be comprehensive and work to meet the child’s needs. Just because you’re serving in the military doesn’t mean you should have to bypass your rights regarding raising your children. Work with someone who’s familiar with military divorces so you can learn your options and set your plan for addressing each issue that comes up.