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Are titles and deeds the same thing? 

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Real Estate Law

When dealing with real estate transfers, it’s important to note the distinction between a title and a deed. They are certainly related quite closely, but that doesn’t mean that they are interchangeable terms. The fact that people sometimes use them this way can lead to confusion.

For instance, you may have heard someone say that the name on the deed proves who owns that property. You may also have heard that there can be title issues with the property, which is when there is some dispute over true ownership. This does make the two terms sound similar, but what are the differences?

Understanding your homeownership documents

There are a lot of physical documents that you will either sign or retain when you close on a house. One of them is the deed. Whoever is listed on the deed is the owner of the property. If you are buying a house, the previous owner will have to sign the deed over to you at closing. It then becomes your house, and you would have to sign it over to transfer ownership to someone else.

A title also refers to ownership, but it is more of the legal concept surrounding that ownership. If you have the title to a piece of property, you own it. This title is granted to you by the deed. In other words, the legal document of the deed gives you ownership rights as the title holder for that property.

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