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2 compelling reasons to consider seeking alimony when divorcing

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Family Law

Like many others, you may feel strongly about not relying on your ex-spouse for economic support after your divorce. You would probably prefer to have nothing more to do with them, if possible.

More people are ruling out the concept of spousal support before they have time to understand their post-divorce financial situation. Unfortunately, this could result in severe economic hardships, especially in the early months or years after your divorce.

In the following section, you will find two more reasons to consider alimony before rejecting the possibility outright.

1. To right a wrong

Some spouses mind their conduct when married, but others fall prey to the allure of forbidden fruit. Sadly, adultery is possible in all marital relations and leads to many divorces.

In some states, adultery is not a factor in divorce decisions made by a family law judge. However, Florida courts may consider alimony when making spousal support determinations.

2. To build a future

Do not discount the financial hardships you might face once your divorce is complete. Living on a single income is usually much harder than most people anticipate.

Bridge the gap or rehabilitative spousal support can help you survive in the immediate aftermath of divorce. It can also help support you while you seek more education or training to improve your income prospects. Other alimony options in Florida include lump sum, durational, periodic and permanent.

A judge will not award spousal support to anyone without a proven need. However, legal guidance can turn the tide in your favor if you believe alimony is the only way to secure your future.