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How Florida real estate developers may put homeowners at risk

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Real Estate Law

Florida has some of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. There is plenty of incentive for developers to invest in the creation of new homes and condominiums. Real estate developers play a crucial role in the modern economy by modifying existing structures or building entirely new residential facilities.

Developers generally need to conform to a broad range of standards, including state building codes. Unfortunately, some companies to make money off of residential real estate make bad choices. The cost-cutting efforts of real estate developers could lead to serious injuries and even fatalities for the homeowners who acquire their properties.

Shoddy construction can lead to tragic outcomes

The entire country looked on in horror several years ago after a building collapse occurred late at night in Surfside, leading to 98 preventable deaths. Years later, the aftermath of that incident still affects dozens of families.

All it takes are a few questionable material substitutions or the wrong contractor taking a key role in a project to compromise the structural integrity and long-term safety of a residential property. If construction firms prioritize only the lowest bids or the fastest timelines for the subcontractors and suppliers they hire, the final product may not be as safe as those buying standalone homes or condominiums expect them to be.

Developers are liable if they endanger consumers

There is very little positive takeaway from scenarios that involve building collapses and other tragedies. However, the possibility of seeking justice can be a source of comfort for those left without housing, struggling with massive damage-related expenses or grieving the death of a loved one.

Construction defect lawsuits allow those affected by these inappropriate decisions made by construction companies to hold them directly accountable for the damage costs. Those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones could pursue medical costs and lost wages.

Most homebuyers prefer to avoid tragedy, rather than to seek compensation afterward. An attorney could help those seeking to buy homes by reviewing documentation and ensuring that developers don’t cut corners. The advocacy of an attorney can help protect homebuyer’s long-term safety, as well as the investment they make in their homes.

Connecting a family’s losses to poor construction company practices could lead to construction defect litigation. Taking a business to court might be the only way to hold them accountable and change how the company operates for the safety of others in the future.