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Assistance navigating a high-asset divorce

Florida is a state where many people of significant means like to congregate. This is no surprise given the agreeable climate, abundant outdoor activities and lavish homes for them to choose from. However, a state that has so many people who are wealthy will also have its share of divorces. A high asset divorce must be handled differently than one of more modest means. A major part of that is having legal help to go through the assets and property that are part of a high asset divorce and to seek a fair settlement. When facing the litany of issues in such a case, having legal assistance is a must.

After divorce, written agreements help with back child arrears

After a Florida divorce, child support is a hot-button issue that affects many couples as well as their children. If it was a high conflict divorce, the likelihood is that the parting of the ways will not eliminate all the issues that were evident when the divorce took place. That can sometimes impact child support and lead to disagreements, including the failure on the part of the supporting parent to make the child support payments on time and in full.

What should I know about a Florida living will?

Floridians who are vigilant about their estate planning needs will want to cover all the bases as efficiently as possible. For many, that includes detailing how they want any potential end-of-life issues handled. This is where a living will is important. Many will understand the basics of estate planning with wills, trusts, asset protection and more. They might not understand what a living will is and, more critically, what it does. Knowing the law for this is a key factor in having a fully comprehensive document that addresses the person's goals. Also essential is legal assistance.

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