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Real estate litigation centers around bond deal for country club

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Firm News, Real Estate Law

Florida real estate is lucrative and complex. When developers are seeking to build, expand or reconstruct a property, there are often concerns on the part of current residents of the specific area where the work is to take place. Construction disputes, disagreements over how the sale is handled, reluctance over the role of the state government and more can result in the need for real estate litigation. For people who are embroiled in this situation, a law firm that handles cases related to real estate can help.

A lawsuit has been filed to stop a referendum over a bond issue to purchase a country club. One homeowner has filed the case. The man is asking that the court prevent the referendum from moving forward and to stop the purchase from being closed until it is decided whether the sale is of fair-market value. The lawsuit asserts that an appraiser who did not have a valid license inflated the assessment of the property. It also says there was pressure, harassment and owners were misled so they would agree to sign petitions that would support the new district.

There were 1,180 approvals to the project out of the 1,554 registered owners. Commissioners in the area approved the district’s formation last August. With that, a developer who had planned to sell the property – including a golf course – and turn it into an agricultural hub lost the property and it was won by the recreation district. The owners of the club were said to have rejected the first appraisal of more than $6 million. The lawsuit states that there was a failure to sufficiently investigate and audit the plan. The property was sold for just shy of $17 million. It is alleged that the sellers’ interests are being put before those of the homeowners.

People place a significant amount of financial and personal value in their homes and when there is pressure to sell it for less than they believe it is worth in the interest of “progress” and it seems as if there are ulterior motives at hand, it is important that they understand their rights. A law firm that has a history of helping people who are battling governmental entities and large commercial developers in real estate litigation is integral to having a satisfactory resolution. Calling for advice and help is essential to a case and those who are confronted by these issues should take the necessary steps as soon as possible.