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3 times construction companies may need legal support

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Real Estate Law

Construction is a competitive but potentially lucrative industry. Companies that have positive established reputations or that can offer a competitive bid on projects can likely stay busy year-round in Florida.

There is always demand for new homes, as well as renovations to existing properties. Whether you do commercial or residential work, your focus is probably on securing contracts, pleasing your clients and keeping your staff safe. There are unique concerns that can affect how your construction company operates that could require legal assistance.

When you need to rezone a property

Does your company buy vacant land, develop it and construct homes on the property to sell to consumers? Do you retrofit existing industrial buildings to turn them into premium modern condos?

There are many situations in which a construction company may have plans for a property or a piece of land that don’t align with the current zoning for the property. Rezoning a parcel can be a complex matter that requires a lot of planning and support.

Getting building permits

Some construction companies have staff members whose sole job is to fill out and submit paperwork for building permits. Unfortunately, if you expect the secretary or an engineer to complete permit paperwork for the state, there could be oversights or mistakes that lead to a rejection and substantially delay the beginning of your project. Help with permit applications will make it easier for you to get the necessary paperwork in place to break ground on a project.

Dealing with conflict from workers or clients

Did a contractor get hurt while working on a project for your company and now they want to claim that they are an employee and not an independent contractor? Did you follow the contract negotiated with a client perfectly, only to have them claim you breached the contract or that there are defects in your work?

During times of conflict, how you respond can be as important as who is actually in the right. Becoming emotional because your company’s reputation is on the line could lead to mistakes that have big consequences for you and your business.

Having the support and resources you need to navigate complications involving construction law will benefit your company and your clients.