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Common safety risks on Florida construction sites

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Construction sites can be high-pressured environments even at the best of times. Often, both employers and employees are obliged to meet tight deadlines. 

Occasionally, these conditions may tempt all parties to try and cut corners. However, cutting corners is likely to reduce safety and increase the likelihood of construction site accidents. Consequently, it is important to know some of the more common hazards to safety on Florida construction sites. 

Electrical accidents 

The consequences of being involved in an accident involving electrocution can be devastating. Both workers and employers tend to be aware of the dangers of working with electricity. However, many injuries and fatalities still occur due to electrocution. Ensuring high levels of communication is one effective way to tackle such incidents. 

Exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials 

Construction work often involves operating close to hazardous chemicals and materials. Usually, such materials are under safekeeping. However, leaks and spillages may result in an unusual exposure to dangerous substances. 

Being struck by moving objects 

The risk of being struck by objects is present in many different working scenarios. However, on construction sites, this danger is particularly acute. Again, effective communication, such as utilizing a lookout, could help to prevent such incidents. 


Falls represent the most common form of construction site accident. Falls can happen in any environment and do not necessarily have to be from great heights to cause serious injury. However, through the regular use of scaffolding and working from heights, falls present a significant risk to construction workers. 

As someone in the construction industry, it is in your best interests to understand the most common causes of accidents. If a construction site accident has affected you, then there are legal options available.