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Dating when divorcing: Is it wise?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Family Law

Should you go ahead and start dating while you are waiting for your divorce to be final? Or could it be problematic?

Usually, it is best to wait. Here are some reasons why:

A new partner can provoke bad feelings

Maybe your spouse says they don’t mind you seeing someone new, but can you be sure they are telling the truth? In some cases, it could lead them to push harder in divorce negotiations or be obstructive. In other cases, even if they genuinely want you to be happy, it could just cause them a lot of hurt to see you move on so soon.

It could leave you open to accusations of misspending

Let’s say your spouse will not be happy about you seeing someone else. Do you really want them calling in help to scrutinize every last item on the joint credit card in case they find evidence you spent joint money on your new romantic partner? Or do you really want to have them claiming that if you can afford to go away for the weekend with your new significant other, then you can clearly afford to give them more in the divorce settlement?

It could make things more difficult for your children

Take great care if you have children. They will already be upset and confused, so it’s not a great time to bring someone new into the picture, especially if your new partner has their own kids. The last thing you want is your children thinking that if you seem to have moved on from their parent so easily, what’s to say you won’t move on from them too?

It’s important to be smart if you start a new relationship while you’re still in the process of divorce. Having sound legal guidance can help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes that could cost you in the divorce or make things more challenging for you and your children.