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Should you sign a prenup before getting married?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Family Law

Love is a beautiful thing. And when you meet “someone special” and decide to marry, you hope to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, things may happen down the road. If your marriage comes to an end due to a divorce, all the wealth you have made (as well as any acquired debts) will be subjected to division per Florida property division laws. And this process can be very contentious.

Setting expectations before tying the knot can both strengthen the foundation of a marriage and help to ease the process of dissolving one in the event that divorce is the best way forward. If you are engaged, these are just a few of the situations that may indicate that it could be particularly beneficial for you to sign a prenup before getting married.

You are coming into the marriage with significant assets

If you are coming into the marriage with considerable assets, or if you are expecting a significant inheritance, it makes sense to want to protect them in the event of a divorce. This is where a prenup comes in. If you do not separate personal property from marital property, you might end up comingling it ways that turn separate property into marital property prior to divorce.

Likewise, if your fiancé is coming into the marriage with significant debt, you’ll need to shield yourself from this in the event of divorce or else you might end up paying debt that you had nothing to do with incurring.

Your fiancé is a spendthrift

Marrying a person who has no regard for financial discipline will no doubt lead to conflicts in the marriage. For instance, they might get into debts that do not advance the values of the family as a whole. Signing a prenup can help you protect yourself from such debts.

Protecting your interests

The idea of discussing divorce even before getting married can be weird, to say the least. However, having this discussion and, ultimately, signing a prenup can be one of the most important steps you can ever take to preserve your interests for the future.