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3 tips for talking to your partner about getting a prenup

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Family Law

A prenuptial (prenup) agreement offers many benefits, from encouraging honest financial conversations to alleviating the stress or financial burden associated with divorce. However, not everyone views this agreement positively, or at least at first. Some people believe signing a prenup means anticipating a divorce. So, how can you raise this matter without upsetting your partner?

Here are three tips to help you:

Have the conversation earlier 

It may be best to bring up a prenup before engagement. First, ask your partner about their thoughts on the agreement. Then, you can inform them you would like to get one. 

If you are engaged, consider having the talk months before the wedding.

Your partner needs time to find more information about the agreement and determine if they want to sign one. Raising the matter when it’s late may be unfair, as they may feel rushed into deciding. 

Your partner may not agree to a prenup during your first conversation. You may have several discussions before they can accept the idea.

Emphasize the benefits

Your partner should know you will do your best to make the marriage work. But should it not, the prenup will help you have a more peaceful divorce process. Further, let your spouse-to-be know how the agreement is in their interest as well. 

Choose an ideal time

Talking to your partner about a prenup when they are stressed or busy may be unwise. Consider having the conversation at a reasonable time – when they are relaxed. At this time, they may be receptive and can contribute to the discussion honestly.  

Prenup conversations can be challenging. You should be careful about how you raise this matter with your partner. It will also help to get legal guidance to draft an agreement that protects both of you.